Cavallo Law, LLP is a boutique firm dedicated to providing highly-skilled, personalized attention to our clients.

We are here for you. That one sentence sums up a great deal of what we at Cavallo Law, PLLC believe is our first obligation and our core principle: to protect guide and fight to secure the best possible outcome for our clients.

The very nature of family and matrimonial law can often be frustrating and both physically and emotionally exhausting for people going through the most difficult times of their lives, and cases often involving children.

We pride ourselves on making these extremely complex matters as simple as possible and then guiding our clients to the best outcome in any given situation. Often that will be a settlement where we can negotiate a satisfactory outcome with our opponents and avoid a lengthy trial.

However, when a trial is necessary, we have decades of trial experience to protect your rights, advocate before the judge, and fight for you.